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(Preorder) Colour Flavoring Concentrate Marron 600g/(선주문) 레진 밤맛

(Preorder) Colour Flavoring Concentrate Marron 600g/(선주문) 레진 밤맛

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Marron Colour Concentrate Extract  600g

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About this item

Resin=Compound syrup
3in1 = Real fruit + Color + Flavor
(N.C: Natural coloured Resin)

Resin means compound concentrate paste containing real fruit conc, color, flavor.
It can be mixed with the whipping cream without the breakage of texture and brings
the real acidic taste into the cream Standard usage is 3%.

  • A multi-purpose product made to produce the taste, aroma and color of the product at once (use 3% of the total amount)
  • When mixed with fresh cream, it gives the taste and aroma of fruit without changing the cream texture.
  • To provide the Full Taste, Flavor and Color of the real chestnut
  • Contains Natural chestnut concentrate Application
  • To make Mont Blanc cream
  • To make Marron whipping cream, Marron Anko(Mix with white bean filling(Anko))
  • Orign: Korea

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