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Sauce Honey Mustard 9kg*2/허니 머스타드 소스

Sauce Honey Mustard 9kg*2/허니 머스타드 소스

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About this item

  • Honey Mustard Sauce 9kg
  • Item Code: D0187
  • Sales Unit: Box
  • Qty./ctn: 2/ctn
  • GST free
  • This sauce is made from the seed of a mustard plant, so it's a yellow colour
  • This sauce is a thick paste and has a sour and sweet texture.
  • It's generally used as a dipping sauce for stir frying.
  • Used-By : Within 12 months from a packed date.
  • Keep the product in a dry and cool place.
  • Origin: Korea



  • Water, Mustard, Starch syrup, Mayonnaise, Sugar, Acetylated distarch adipate(E1422), High fructose corn syrup, Vinegar, Salt, Honey, Citric acid(E330), Xanthan gum(E415), Mustard Oil, Polysorbate 80(E433), Sunset yellow FCF(E110), Calcium Disodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate(E385), Ethyl p-Hydroxybenzoate(E214)

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