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Pickled Radish for Kimbap Roll for Restaurant 3kg*4/김밥 단무지 대용량

Pickled Radish for Kimbap Roll for Restaurant 3kg*4/김밥 단무지 대용량

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About this item

  • Pickled radish for kimbap(roll) for restaurant 3kg
  • Item Code: D0548
  • Sales Unit: Box
  • Qty./ctn: 4/ctn
  • GST free
  • It is a bright yellow colour because it's pickled in sugar and salt with water
  • The flavour is sweet and a bit salty
  • It is a common side dish served with rice as well as Korean Chinese dishes.
  • It's a nice and chewy texture
  • It's stick and bar shapes and be normally used to make a Kimbob roll. 
  • Origin : Korea

What is the difference of kimbap and sushi?

  • Sushi usually features raw fish, seafood, vegetables and rice seasoned with vinegar. The name 'sushi' refers to this vinegared rice. Whereas, kimbap rice is seasoned with sesame oil and doesn't contain raw fish. Instead, kimbap fillings include meats like grilled bulgogi, or cheese, kimchi, ham and eggs


  • Salted radish, Water, Vitamin C, Acetic acid(E260), Potassium sorbate(E202), Glycine(E640), Saccharin(E954), Citric acid(E330), Sodium polyphosphates(E452), Malic acid(E296), Sodium metabisulphite(E223), Sunset yellow FCF(E110), Sodium sulphlte(E221)

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