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Rice Sushi Rice Short grain 20kg/스시쌀 베트남 20kg

Rice Sushi Rice Short grain 20kg/스시쌀 베트남 20kg

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How do you make sushi rice taste like a restaurant?

  • You can prepare the traditional sushi seasoning by adding sugar and salt to rice vinegar. In addition, you can bring sweetness to saltiness by using coconut sugar, honey, or granulated white sugar. Kombu is another great way to obtain the taste of Michelin Star restaurants' sushi rice. 

Do restaurants put sugar in sushi rice? 

  • Sushi rice is typically made by adding in vinegar and sugar, and the sugar gives it more calories than steamed rice.

Should you rinse sushi rice before cooking? 

  • Rinsing and soaking your rice is essential for good sushi rice. If you don't wash your rice, there will be too much excess starch on the surface, which could make the rice gummy and ruin its texture.

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    • Sushi Rice Short grain 20kg
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    • White rice 
    • Origin: Vietnam


    • Short grain white rice

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