(Preorder) Strong Rice Flour for Bread 15kg/(선오더) 햇쌀마루 강력 쌀가루

(Preorder) Strong Rice Flour for Bread 15kg/(선오더) 햇쌀마루 강력 쌀가루

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Strong Rice Flour for Bread 15kg

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  • Haessal Maru?™s rice flours made using the traditional rice flour manufacturing method for washing, soaking, grinding and dehydration, produce breads that are more moist and chewier than wheat breads.
  • Rice flours can be used make any kind of bread made with wheat flour and are especially great for making healthier breads.
  • Haessal Maru?™s strong rice flour contains a lot of moisture and this can save you ingredients when making your dough.
  • Using this rice flour will also save you time because it doesn?™t require primary fermentation or a resting period
  • Origin: Korea

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