Collection: baking


  • processed paste(ankum)    (앙금)
  • fruit and vegetble    (호박고지 쑥)
  • powder    (쌀가루   쑥가루   각종가루)
  • colour flavoring concentrate    (레진   액기스)
  • others    (유화제)

Baking accessory

  • accessory    (케익칼   생일초)
  • paking     (빵봉지   포장용품   박스)

Fronzen dough

  • parbaking    (냉동생지)
  • season items    (송편)

Our products are ingredients for cake, bread, rice cake, cookies etc using in Korean bakery, cafe and manufacturer.<br>We believe that good materials that make products more brilliant, can be used equally anywhere in the world.<br>Just try it.<br>We imagine you could make a more unique and shiny product.