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(Preorder) Paper Sheet for Roll Cake No.1 (15cm)/(선주문) 롤케이크 갱지가다

(Preorder) Paper Sheet for Roll Cake No.1 (15cm)/(선주문) 롤케이크 갱지가다

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 Roll Cake Paper Sheet No.1 (Diameter 15cm)

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  • Baking Paper Circle #1 (15cm)
  • It is easy to use. Prevent local scorching from producing harmful substances, thus avoiding the pain of constantly changing the baking tray, constantly cleaning the baking tray, and avoiding the splash of oil stars and preventing burns.
  • Easy to operate, no need to clean, save time and effort.
  • High quality, can be used in the oven or grilled safely.
  • No need for oiling, high temperature resistance
  • Origin: Korea

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