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Roasted Laver Fresh Seaweed (10g*3P)*10/간장에 찍어 먹는 무조미 파래김

Roasted Laver Fresh Seaweed (10g*3P)*10/간장에 찍어 먹는 무조미 파래김

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Fresh Roasted Seaweed (Laver) Whole Sheet

  • Item Code: D0152
  • Sales Unit: Box
  • Qty./ctn: 10/ctn
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About this item

  • Laver is a kind of seaweed and smooth and delicate in texture. It is known as green laver because it's mixed with another seaweed, which is called Parae.
  • Dried seaweed has crispy and crunchy and thin sheet like a paper
  • It has rich in iron, vitamins (especially vitamin A) other minerals, so it helps to excretes cholesterol out of the body and to prevent cancer.
  • It is probably one of the most popular side dishes in Korea.
  • It has a savoury flavour but less salt than other lavers


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