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Silken Tofu from KOREA 400g*30/순두부 소 (탱글이)

Silken Tofu from KOREA 400g*30/순두부 소 (탱글이)

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Silken Tofu from KOREA 400g

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Qty./ctn: 30/ctn

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About this item

  • It has a savoury and sweet flavour. Also, its a soft and spongy texture so it's seasoned to suit the dish and its flavours or absorbs flavours well.
  • It has rich in protein but low in calories so really good for health.
  • It can be served side dish as row with soy sauce, or a good ingredient for soup.
  • Origin: Korea


Let's Cood

[ Sundubu Jjigae ]
(Soft Tofu Stew)


[ Fresh Silken Tofu with Soy Sauce ]

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