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Red Pepper Powder 1kg*10 (Coarse)/태양초 고추가루 김치용

Red Pepper Powder 1kg*10 (Coarse)/태양초 고추가루 김치용

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Red Pepper Powder 1kg (Coarse)

  • Item Code: D0478-1 
  • Sales Unit: Box
  • Qty./ctn: 10/ctn
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About this item

  • Coarse red pepper powder is generally used to make kimchi, and it is used to give a feeling of red pepper powder when spicy cooking
  • Fine red pepper powder is used for seasoning, Korean soup, and so on. It is used to make red pepper paste and salted fish. Fine red pepper powder is a very useful product for cooking. The color can be redder, and the deep taste of the red pepper can be best.
  • If you use the coarse red pepper powder when you cook tteokbokki, you must put soy sauce and sugar in it, but if you use fine red pepper powder, you will not need red pepper paste even if soy sauce and sugar are the same. Coarse red pepper powder and fine red pepper powder differ in taste
  • If you are aiming to make a general Korean dish, it is better to choose fine red pepper powder

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