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Sweet Potato Noodle (1.1-1.2mm) 10kg-Normal Size/고구마 당면 벌크

Sweet Potato Noodle (1.1-1.2mm) 10kg-Normal Size/고구마 당면 벌크

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Sweet Potato Noodle 10kg (1.1-1.2mm)-Normal Size

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About this item

  • It is called "dangmyeon" which is also used in foreign countries, or "sweet potato noodles"
  • Sweet potato noodles are noodles made from sweet potato starch powdered to cover the starch in sweet potatoes. It is used in Korean cuisine such as japchae or it suits any dish that can be used with noodles.
  • The precooking state is a little opaque and dry, elastic, so it does not break well even when bent. When heat and moisture are applied through cooking, it becomes more transparent and chewy
  • Feature1.1~1.2mm thick, the time and texture of ripening vary depending on the thickness. The thicker the texture, the more chewy the texture is.
  • Origin: China


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