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Seasoned Perilla Leaves 1kg*10/오늘의밥상 양념 깻잎

Seasoned Perilla Leaves 1kg*10/오늘의밥상 양념 깻잎

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Seasoned Perilla Leaves 1kg

  • Item Code: D0623
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  • Qty./ctn: 10/ctn
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About this item

  • It's a type of side dish made by pickling perilla leaves with soy sauce, red pepper powder and minced garlic.
  • It's generally pickled in soy sauce and red pepper powder so it has a dark brown colour and is salty and a bit spicy.
  • The pickled vegetable is called Jjang-a-jji in Korea, which is usually preserved for a long period of time
  • Origin: Korea

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