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(Preorder) Super Soft M 500g*24/(선주문) 슈퍼소프트 M

(Preorder) Super Soft M 500g*24/(선주문) 슈퍼소프트 M

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Super Soft M 500g

  • Item Code: D0718
  • Sales Unit: Box
  • Qty./ctn: 24/ctn
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About this item

  • Natural substance to prevent the staling of rice cakes
  • It increases the elasticity of the rice cakes, making it very suitable for rice cakes including layered rice cakes. The rice cakes do not harden even after about 3 days. Use the exact amount, as too much can cause the rice cakes to become too soft. 
  • Origin : Korea 


  • Corn starch, alpha-amylase

Usage: Apply to products shaped after steaming rice cakes (used for glutinous rice cakes such as injeolmi, baramdeok, etc.).

Method: When the temperature drops below 85°C after steaming, mix a small amount with water and sprinkle while mixing during punching (use 0.3-0.5% compared to rice flour). SUPERSOFT M must be used while hot. Mixing it with rice flour before steaming will not be effective. After steaming the rice cakes, let them cool slightly and mix with water while still hot.

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