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Silipot Cooking Silicone Ramen Pot/실리콘 프리미엄 계란찜기

Silipot Cooking Silicone Ramen Pot/실리콘 프리미엄 계란찜기

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Silipot Cooking Silicone Ramen Pot Small, Large

  • Sales Unit: Ea
  • Qty./box: 1/box
  • Color : Mustard, Blue, Brown, Peach, Mint, Orange, Red
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About this item

  • Origin: Korea
  • This colorful kitchen utensil set has the construction of full silicone material.

  • With extraordinary heat resistance, the silicone heads also make the perfect kitchen tools for your kitchen.

  • The FDA-approved silicone utensils are safe to use.

  •  This is also dishwasher safe and easily cleanable.

  • Furthermore, the full silicone construction leaves no space for bacteria formation.

  • The non-stick surface of these utensils is stain and spot resistant. This colorful kitchen tool will add shine to your kitchen decoration.

  • This is a perfect present for both the professional chefs and newbies.


  • Safe to use as it s made of BPA FREE

  • Platinum Silicone made in Korea guarantee the high quality of the product.

  • Made of Eco-friendly silicone, Gives you perfect non-slip grip.

  • Made of platinum-catalyzed silicone, it can be boiled and microwaved for disinfection.(Direct heat is Prohibited)

  • Heat Resistant temp 250C / Cool Resistant temp-40C

  • Size : Small 160 x 70mm, Large 200 x 85mm

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