SNOOPY SONGWOL SPACE COTTON TOWEL 500gsm/송월 스누피 우주인 타올 500gsm

SNOOPY SONGWOL SPACE COTTON TOWEL 500gsm/송월 스누피 우주인 타올 500gsm

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  • Item Code: ON-0036
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    Manufacture country : VEITENAM
  • Weight : 145g

 what is the GSM of a towel

  • GSM, or "grams per square meter" is a measure of towel weight expressed as a number. GSM is used for both cotton and bamboo towels and is directly aligned with a towel's quality, feel, and performance. In cotton bath towels the typical GSM range is between 300 and 900 GSM.

Is higher GSM better for towels?

  • In short, GSM refers to the fabric weight and density of your towel in grams-per-square-meter. A towel with a higher GSM measurement is thicker and plusher than one with a low GSM, meaning it can absorb more water due to the higher pile and is usually made from a more luxurious type of cotton.


How To Fold A Korean Lamb Head Towel

This becomes very famous as seen as many Korean celebrities do on the show!
This towel is perfect for the Lamb Head shape!

I will show you how to make a sheep head towel

  1. Prepare a SONGWOL towel.
  2. Lay the towel flat.
  3. Divide the towel into three parts.
  4. Fold the bottom 1/3 part of the towel up.
  5. Fold the upper 1/3 part of the towel down.
  6. Roll up one end of the towel. Roll the other end. Ta-da!

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